In March 2016, Tania De Sousa & Eleanor Yankah met volunteering in Idomeni where 12,000 displaced refugees were stuck on the northern border between Macedonia and Greece. After meeting they continued to volunteer together, travelling back to Greece every month distributing aid whilst creating bonds and building trusting relationships.
The idea of the Hope Project was birthed on a trip to Thessaloniki in June 2016, they came across multitudes of homeless refugee children living on the streets and in local parks, all whom were being overlooked.  



Our mission at the Hope Project is to equip and empower displaced children and adults through informal, creative educational programmes which include Maths, Science, English, Sports, Art and Arabic, as well as a Life Skills integration programme specifically designed for young people and adults. Hope Project aims to provide a safe environment and a platform where they develop and contribute towards the project, society and their own future.